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6-2 Full coaching: Kingy, Jermaine, Majik , Jordan, Beckster Also Chloe
« on: January 28th, 2011»

I can't speak highly enough about this class, it was simply an amazing experience. I am already a different, new-improved person to what I was just a few days ago.

evening pua gave me a new set of powerful preperation tools which I could apply immediately. I was able to witness up close how a true pro works a night nightclub Even so I was forced well out of Our comfort zone. The comments I got at the end of the night was also gold.

The second morning's street pua was simply mind-blowing. It was in fact one of the most amazing experiences of the life. Our open anxiety has finally been delt a death blow! and also that morning made a mockery of the looks issue I had with myself and what I had always told myself was plus wasn't feasible with ladies that were so called out of the league.

Thanks again guys!




6-2 Full Bootcamp: Kingy, Jermaine, Majik , Jordan, Beckster and Chloe
« on: January 28th, 2011»

I would really like to thank you all once again for the Bootcamp. You was all superbly helpful, particularly you plus Jermaine. That talk we had on the Sunday helped me a lot, and also the fact you took the time to talk to me I was exceptionally greatful for, and Jermaine gave me some excellent tips on ioi's and negging which have been hugely useful Also helped me notice a lot more and also to know how to take things better rather then getting upset if i get negged.





6-2 Full class: Kingy, Jermaine, Majik , Jordan, Beckster as well as Maria
« on: November 19th, 2010»


I decided to put the name down for the coaching on the day as there was a space available plus I discovered myself waiting in Piccadilly Circus after work anxious to what this class Our hold. We were welcome by the PUA Method Instructors and then ventured into Tiger Tiger's Groovy Wonderland were we had a lecture from Kingy, Jordan Also Jermaine. They really put us all at ease and also gave us some great ammunition to start the night off strongly. After Tiger Tiger we went to O'Neill's to get our first in field experience of the class Also I managed to get an email close on one of Our first attempts with guidance all the way from the PUA Method Instructors. At the end of the evening I felt like I had had a great evening and I was amazed with how the confidence had grown in such a simple space of time.


With my renewed confidence I discovered myself looking forward to the evening ahead. We were met by Majik Even so Jordan as well as were whisked away to the venue On Anon where we had a small lecture from the instructors Even so then really started putting theory into sarging with a lot of results as well as almost a K Close for me. Majik and Jordan also impressed us through the evening by approaching various HB, the most impressive being Majik's open of the HB serving shots in the club who still wants to give him her No. I tried to open her as well later that evening, but in the immortal words of Yoda "Much Yet To Learn!" :) Despite this, it was an outstanding evening as well as the moment really started to believe this PUA Method stuff really works.


Feeling really confident after the past two nights I considered some anxiety started to creep back in… it was morning game time with Jordan, Jermaine Also Kingy. We spent the whole morning "Value Scanning" in Oxford Street and also the surrounding area Also on the last set under the watchful eye Even so ear of Kingy I finally got Our first No. close. Our confidence was through the roof! After this we went back to Tiger Tiger to get some comments plus Inner pua coaching from Kingy Even so were also put through our paces by PUA Methods HB Helper Layla which I considered really helpful as well as insightful.

Last and also By No means least we were found by Beckster plus

his bedfellow. We had a quick lecture as well as back to O'Neill's for the best Sunday evening I have had in ages, the had us all opening set left right and centre as well as I was getting all shorts of closes. I really think that in my time with Beckster Also

mate the pua when up to another level, it was the perfect high to end an amazing bootcamp that changed my life forever!